2005  第一屆台美金融會議 Finance Conference   
2008 第二屆台美金融會議 2008 Financial Servics Joint Conference
2009 美國馬里蘭州生技訪問顧問團 ROC-USA Business Council Biotechnology Delegation Visit to Indiana & Maryland
2009 台美能源科技雙邊會議 Taiwan-U.S. Green Energy & Technology Joint Conference
2010 TAIFE台灣率能電動車車商拓展商機團 TAIFE (Taiwan Automotive International Forum and Exhivition
2010 台灣美食團國際會議 2010 Gourmet Taiwan International Conference
2011 台美工商聯合會議 2011 Joint Conference of ROC-USA & US-Taiwan Business Counail










1. To provide services to members and expand the council’s membership.
2. To gather and analyze the latest information relating to bilateral business links between Taiwan and the USA and to post it on the Council’s Website as references for member companies in exploring opportunities for business cooperation with American companies.
3. To work the government in helping private companies in Taiwan tackle the problems and barriers involved with their business activities in America, such as trade, investments, and technology transfer, technical cooperation, tourism information and educational information.
4. To keep close contact with Taiwan’s economic and trade offices in the USA and the American Institute in Taiwan, as well as the representative offices of individual American state governments in Taiwan, so as to promote Taiwan’s bilateral links with the USA in the areas of trade, investments, technology transfer, technical cooperation, tourism information and educational information.
5. To receive visiting American Senators, Congressmen, officials as well as business and industrial delegations
6. To keep close interactions with the US-Taiwan Business Council and provide support for its affairs and activities.


1976年,一群關心台美關係之熱心人士,有鑒於雙方外交關係可能因時事變遷而發生變化,深感必須預先籌設一民間管道,以便一旦正式關係變化,雙方經濟貿易往來得以繼續維持暢通。當時我經濟部孫部長運璿及美國前財政部長大衛‧甘迺迪遂著手策畫,乃於1976年12月下旬於芝加哥成立「美中經濟協會」(US–ROC Economic Council,後於2002年則變更中英文名稱為美台商業協會US–Taiwan Business Council),推舉大衛‧甘迺迪為會長。而我方工商界亦於1977年2月26日在台北成立「中美經濟合作策進會」(ROC–USA Economic Council,英文名稱亦於1998年4月20日修改為ROC – USA Business Council),選舉張茲闓、辜振甫、王永慶等三十一人為理事,陳啟清、黃綿綿、陳勉修等九人為監事,並推舉張茲闓先生為本會首任理事長。



The ROC-USA Business Council dates back to 1976 when a group of prominent business leaders and other elite in society advocated the establishment of a regular civil channel to promote Taiwan’s bilateral business relations with the USA in case of any drastic change in the diplomatic relations between the two sides. The ROC-USA Economic Council was accordingly established on February 26, 1977, with the full support of former ROC Minister of Economic Affairs Yun-hsien Sun. It was later renamed as the current ROC-USA Business Council in 1998. Its American counterpart, the USA-ROC Economic Council, was founded earlier in December 1976, with former Minister of Finance David Kennedy of the USA as the first Chairman. It was renamed US-Taiwan Business Council on April 20, 1998. Upon its establishment, the ROC-USA Business Council resolved to have a board of 31 Directors and 9 Supervisors.




1977/02/26 – 1981/05/29   張茲闓
1981/05/29 – 1993/05/14   辜振甫
1993/05/14 – 1999/05/24   辜濂松
1999/05/24 – 2005/09/27   王鍾渝
2005/09/27 – 2008/09/15   陳木在
2008/09/16 – 2012/02/08   辜濂松
2012/02/08 – 2014/12/19   王鍾渝
2014/12/19 – 迄今                歐鴻鍊 

Chairman, from 1977 to the present

1977/02/26 – 1981/05/29  T. K. Chang

1981/05/29 – 1993/05/14  C. F. Koo

1993/05/14 – 1999/05/24  Jeffrey L. S. Koo

1999/05/24 – 2005/09/27  C. Y. Wang

2005/09/27 – 2008/09/15  Mu Tsai Chen

2008/09/16 – 2012/02/08  Jeffrey L. S. Koo

2012/02/08 – 2014/12/19  C. Y. Wang

2012/02/08 – 迄今               Francisco H.L. Ou